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Understanding Disabled Parking Laws

Respect the Space

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Special Operations/DPE

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I got a disabled parking ticket because I forgot to hang my valid tag, what should I do?

A. Bring your hangtag and your driver's license to the precinct office listed on the ticket. They will make a copy of them to turn in with the paperwork to be considered for dismissal.

Q. I loaned my car to a friend and they found a disabled parking ticket on the windshield addressed to me. I wasn't responsible for it - what should I do?

A. As the owner of the vehicle you are responsible for the ticket, unless you can get your friend to acknowledge that they were driving the car at the time. You would have to bring in a sworn affidavit from them stating that fact.

Q. I received a letter from Constable's office notifying me that a disabled parking charge has been filed with the court. I sold my car last year, why did I get this?

A. When the license plate is checked, it comes back to the registered owner of the vehicle. If you did not properly transfer the title to the new owner, your name will still be listed. You are liable for the ticket unless you have a sworn statement showing that you no longer own it.

Q. I am my mother's caregiver, can I use her disabled hangtag if I am going to go get groceries or prescriptions for her?

A. It is illegal to use someone else's hangtag if they are not with you in the vehicle, even if it is a family member you are caring for.

Q. I have a hangtag but was given a ticket when I parked in the yellow stripes by the disabled parking sign, what did I do wrong?

A. The diagonal stripes are there so that disabled persons can exit their vehicles safely. No one should park on the yellow stripes. The offense is called "blocking", and you will be ticketed even if you have a hangtag or disabled plates.

Q. I see the same car parked in disabled parking spaces near my work without a hangtag or disabled plates, is there some way I can report this?

A. The Constable5.com web site has a form you can fill out to report violations. Click here to access the page.