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The Travis County Property Specialists

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Precinct Five's Property deputies deliver process and execute Writs involving property related issues ranging from Evictions, to Sequestrations, to Executions involving real and/or personal property issued by the Justice, County, and District Courts.

The team also handles Orders of Sale, including Tax Foreclosure Orders of Sale for Travis County.

Link to Travis County Tax Sales

Judicial Real Property Sales

Seized Property Auctions

Officers are highly trained, experienced, and motivated to effeciently and effectively execute the Writs and Orders issued by the Courts.

A writ of sequestration is a legal action that orders the seizure or attachment of property to be maintained in the custody of a law enforcement official pending the outcome of the litigation.

A Writ of Execution (also known as an execution) is a court order granted to put in force a judgment of possession obtained by a plaintiff from a court.

A Writ of Possession is a court order that grants full possession of tangible property back to the owner or landlord.

A Forcible Entry Detainer is the statutory proceeding to regain possession of real property taken through a forcible entry and detainer.

A Order of Sale is a writ issued by a court that allows the petitioner (usually a creditor) to take ownership of a property from a defendant in a litigation case. Once the property has been seized on behalf of the creditor, it can be sold, usually at auction.

A Writ of retrieval is an order from a justice court allowing a person to enter their residence or former residence, accompanied by a peace officer, to get certain property belonging to them when the current occupant won’t let them in, or they are in danger of family violence.

A Writ of Re-entry is a A peace officer may use reasonable force to enforce the order.

Tax Sales:

A Tax Foreclosure sale is a legal action the county takes as its final effort to collect delinquent property taxes.

You can bid on these properties at public sales. Bidders should research each property carefully as they may find other liens against the property besides the tax debt. Each property sold “as is” with no expressed or implied warranties of any kind, including merchantability and fitness for a particular use.

Taxes, penalties and interest, court costs and expenses from the foreclosure process to the time of sale are the responsibility of the property’s purchaser.

View the list of properties Foreclosure Sales ( scheduled for the next tax sale. Properties are listed in the Austin Chronicle 21 days before the sale and online, 15 days before the sale.

Forclosure Sales

Use the Bidder's Basic Guide tax-bidders-basic-guide.pdf ( to research properties you are interested in purchasing.

Submit the Bidder Registration and the $10 fee online, in person or by mail to the main tax office at 2433 Ridgepoint Dr., Austin, TX 78754, at least five business days before the date of the sale. Approved bidders’ registrations are valid for one year.