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A Standard Fee - No Extra Charges

Constable Pct. 5 Office

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Fee Schedule in Printer-Friendly Adobe PDF

All fees listed include research, skip-trace and RUSH service at no additional charge.

Fees apply to an unsuccessful attempt to provide process service as well as a successful attempt.

If a person is to be served two citations at one address, each process service is a separate officer's return - $85 x 2 = $170.

These fees are set by the Travis County, Texas Commissioners Court

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The execution of Civil Process by this office ensures that Travis County citizens receive due process. Precinct 5 offers efficient civil process service for a standard fee without the extra charges that may be added by private process servers. Research, skip-trace and RUSH service are included. We are responsive to our customers and make every effort to see that you receive a good value.

We serve all of Travis County and into the surrounding areas of Hays, Williamson, Bastrop and Burnet counties. We also deliver process nationally by certified mail and internationally upon request.

Fees effective January 1, 2024

Civil Process Service Requested



County and District Court; Small Claims and Justice Court; or Probate, by posting (Publication)

Subpoena or Summons (Civil) $85.00
Eviction (Forcible Detainer) $85.00
Injunction $120.00
Turnover Order ‡

plus extra charges as listed

Writ of Execution* ‡

plus extra charges as listed

Order of Sale* ‡ $240.00
Temporary Restraining Order $120.00
Writ of Possession ‡

(if move out exceeds 2 hours, additional fee of $60/hour per deputy)

Protective Order

To be charged to respondent

Writ of Attachment ‡ $170.00
Writ of Sequestration ‡ $170.00
Writ of Garnishment ‡ $125.00
Distress Warrant $225.00
Writ of Re-Entry $175.00
Order of Personal Property Retrieval ‡ $175.00
Civil Show Cause Order

per Texas Property Code

Other Writs ‡ $125.00
Mental/Alcohol/Drug Commitment $17.00
Peace Bond $17.00
Posting Written Notice

per each

Taking and Approving Bond $40.00
Executing a Deed $40.00
Executing a Bill of Sale $40.00

*County commission due on percent of monies collected:

10% of the first $20,000  ($0.01-$20,000.00)

4% of amounts greater than $20,000  ($20,000.01 or higher)

‡ For a Writ and Order of Sale served which exceeds 2 hours and for Writs served out of county that exceed 2 hours, an additional fee of $60/hour per deputy is required for an officer to perform this service. Additionally, mileage will be added at the business standard mileage rate set by the IRS for mileage required for an officer to perform service and to return from performing that service.

Authorized by Texas Local Government Code Section 118.131