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Civil Process Served Promptly

Constable Carlos Lopez and his staff assist the citizens and courts of Travis County

Main Civil South Command

Sgt. Josh Alba
(512) 854-9100

Main Civil North Command

Sgt. Robert Cantu

Service Check Hotline

(512) 854-9714

A Continued Commitment to Excellence

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Precinct Five deputies are charged with the prompt delivery and execution of civil process in Travis County and up to 10 miles into the surrounding counties. The officers serve various papers issued from the Justice of the Peace, County and District Courts, respectively.

Civil process to be served by delivering to state agencies (Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurance, etc.) will be served within 24 hours and return of service completed and mailed back to requestor within 48 hours of service (excluding weekends and holidays). See State Run FAQs for additional information.

Status of all civil process may be checked on line 24/7, by contacting our Service Check Coordinator at (512) 854-9714, or by emailing to [email protected].

RUSH service on process is provided upon request. Process received via special courier (FedEx, UPS) are also treated as priority. Returns on RUSH service are faxed to the requestor and mailed back within 48 hours of service.

Our Specialties

Main Civil

Our staff is charged with the delivery and execution of civil law court process in Travis and surrounding counties. more >>


Specially trained deputies serve family law process including divorce, child support, protective orders, warrants and child attachments. more >>


Our Property Unit executes a variety of writs ranging from evictions to judgement executions involving real and personal property. more >>


Adult Warrant deputies execute warrants, giving particular attention to criminal warrants involving family violence and child support. more >>

The Constable 5 Advantage

24/7 Online Service Check keeps you fully informed

Remember, you can track progress on our web site 24/7. Deputies update their attempts and service from the field so you have the latest information on your case.

Direct Service Check Hotline Monday through Friday

Our Service Check Hotline is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F. Call us at (512) 854-9714 if you need additional information or assistance from our knowledgeable staff.

Instant email notification when your paper is served

Sign up for our instant notification service. If we have your email address on file you will receive notification when your paper has been served.

RUSH Service provided at no additional charge

Unlike private process servers, RUSH Service is available at no additional charge when you use Constable 5.

Enhanced Research

Dedicated staff provides skip-trace at no additional charge

We utilize a variety of databases including law enforcement offense records, credit bureaus, voter registration, and city utilities. more >>


Constable 5 is ready to assist you

Constable 5 is directly connected to the Travis County District Clerk's office so papers can be transferred electronically to our office for service. more >>

Community Service

Employees give back to our community

We serve as mentors for children, sponsor families at the holidays and volunteer for the Underage Drinking Prevention Program (UDPP) and Domestic Violence Task Force initiatives. more >>