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Web Resource to Help Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resources

Web videos and resource contacts for Protective Orders, Shelter, Support and Counseling

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Constable Announces One Stop for Information to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

June 16, 2008 - Austin, TX

Constable Bruce Elfant announced this morning the development of a video web resource for victims of domestic violence. The Constable’s office created short 1-2 minute videos that can be viewed on the website, in English and Spanish.

These videos, from agencies such as the Travis County Attorney’s office, SafePlace, Texas Advocacy Project and American Gateways (formerly the Political Asylum Project of Austin - PAPA), offer overviews of services available including how to obtain a protective order, shelter and counseling, teen dating abuse and comprehensive assistance for non-English speaking victims of domestic abuse, prostitution, trafficking and other crimes. A Domestic Violence Resource listing is also available on this site.

Victims of domestic violence need immediate resources and locating information regarding housing, shelter, legal advice, protective orders or counseling in one location was previously time-consuming. Although many local agencies exist to help victims, finding the right ones can be confusing and difficult. “I was writing an article and while doing my research,” noted Constable Elfant, “I realized there should be a central clearinghouse of information in Travis County. With the development of this one-stop resource, my goal is to reach all victims in need of help so they can lead fulfilling lives without the threat of fear or violence.”