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2017 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is Coming February 10, 2017

FOX7 News - Crimewatch: Precinct 5 constables create Silver Watch August 25, 2016

FOX7 News - Crime Watch: AG to block vehicle registration for those deliquent on child support June 20, 2016

KXAN News - Constables on how to avoid dog attacks after woman's death June 17, 2016

2016 Great Texas Warrant Roundup February 19, 2016

KXAN News - Law Enforcement Goes After Parents Who Owe Child Support September 28, 2015

Flash Video-Hi (17MB), Video-Lo (2MB) Constable 5 Focus on Underage Drinking September 1, 2015

2015 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is Coming February 20, 2015

KXAN News - Deputies Issue Citations to Shoppers Illegally Parked in Disabled Spaces November 28, 2014

Attorney General Greg Abbott and Travis County Constable Pct. 5 Crack Down on Parents Who Fail to Pay Child Support September 25, 2014

Crackdown on illegal parking during tax-free weekend August 8, 2014

Daily Texan - Local law enforcement agencies make arrests as part of warrant roundup March 4, 2014

American Statesman - Volunteers, officers hunt for disability parking violators July 14, 2013

Constable Officials Win Statewide Honors July 3, 2012

Travis County's Elfant and Lopez Receive Top Honors July 2, 2012

Statement to Texas Senate Finance Committee March 21, 2011

Black Friday Could Be Costly - If You Park in the Wrong Place
November 24, 2010

Constable Precinct Five Receives Award for Public Innovation
May 8, 2009

State Employees Abuse Handicap Parking Laws April 30, 2009

Austin Area Officials Visit Antayla, Turkey Update October 12, 2008

Constable 5 supports Teen Dating Violence Awareness campaign October 9, 2008

Constable Protective Order Alert System and Domestic Violence Clearinghouse Wins Best Practices Award July 24, 2008

Constable Announces One Stop for Information to Help Victims of Domestic Violence June 16, 2008

Houston Chronicle - Parking scofflaws could face crackdown
March 27, 2008

Texas Association of Counties elects new officers December 7, 2007

Attorney General Abbott, Travis County Constable crack down on parents who fail to pay child support
September 10, 2007

Attorney General Abbott announces arrest of child support evader, Edwin Jacobson August 30, 2007

News 8 Austin - Alert system protects victims of family violence
July 31, 2007

Victims of family violence to receive Instant Notification July 30, 2007

American Statesman parking enforcement article May 18, 2006

Handicap Parking Enforcement report May 12, 2006

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